A filling or dental restoration, may be required if your tooth is decayed, broken, or cracked. The goal of a filling is to replace damaged or lost tooth structure to restore function and aesthetics.

At Nundah Family Dentists we routinely use white, tooth coloured composite resin restorations. Composite resin restorations are durable, and blend with the remaining tooth structure to recreate the natural shape and appearance of your tooth.

Should I have my amalgam dental fillings replaced?

Amalgam restorations are the silver coloured metal fillings that many people are familiar with. They are an alloy containing a mixture of silver, tin, zinc, copper, and mercury. For many years amalgam was the most commonly used filling material, due to its strength, cost effectiveness and durability.

An amalgam filling in good condition does not need replacing. If you have old silver fillings that you find unattractive and unsightly, we can replace them with a more natural looking tooth coloured composite restoration. Larger amalgam fillings will often cause cracks to occur in teeth due to expansion and contraction over time. These may also require rebuilding with composite resin, or replacement with crowns.

Although considered safe, some people may prefer to replace their amalgam fillings for health reasons. Current science suggests that for most people, the amount of mercury you are exposed to from fillings is less than that you would get from your environment, or from the food that you eat! We can advise you as to the health of your existing amalgam restorations, and discuss whether replacing your amalgams is right for you.

We accept all major health funds, and are BUPA Members First, Medibank Members Choice, and HCF More For Teeth providers.


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