I haven't been to a dentist in years. I know I have problems.
Where do we start?

We would recommend making an appointment for a full dental examination and x-rays. At this appointment we will discuss your concerns before conducting a thorough examination of your mouth and teeth. We can then discuss a range of suitable treatment options and provide a you with a quote. You can then make an informed decision about your dental treatment.


Why do I need X-rays?

X-rays are an important part of dental examinations. They allow dentists to diagnose teeth and gum problems, for example decay in-between teeth and underneath existing fillings, that can not be detected with a visual examination alone. Early identification of problems minimises potential discomfort, and helps to avoid more complex and expensive treatments in the future.


Do you use white fillings?

Yes. We routinely use tooth coloured composite resin restorations to restore decayed and broken teeth.


Can I get my old silver fillings replaced?

Yes. Old amalgam fillings can be replaced with tooth coloured composite resin restorations to improve appearance or when required due to decay or cracking.


Do you do tooth whitening?

Yes. Take home tooth whitening is a safe, simple, and effective way of improving the shade of your teeth. Moulds of your upper and lower teeth are taken to make thin custom fit trays. These trays are used to hold a small amount of whitening gel in close contact with the outside surface of your teeth. Typically the trays are worn for only 30 minutes a day, for approximately two to three weeks.


Do you do cosmetic work?

Yes. There are a variety of cosmetic dental treatments available to improve the shape, colour, and overall appearance of your teeth. Some of the more common treatments include: replacing old discoloured, worn, or misshapen fillings with tooth coloured composite resin restorations; porcelain crowns and veneers; bridges and implants to replace missing teeth; and tooth whitening.


Can I get my teeth straightened?

We are pleased to be providers of Invisalign, the clear alternative to braces. Invisalign is a popular treatment option for adults looking to close gaps and straighten crooked teeth.


Do you remove wisdom teeth?

If you have any concerns about your wisdom teeth we would recommend having them assessed. Some wisdom teeth can be removed under local anaesthetic in the chair. For more complex cases a referral to a specialist oral surgeon may be necessary.


At what age should I start bringing my children in?

It is important to care for your children’s teeth as soon as they erupt into the mouth, with regular brushing and a sensible diet. If you have any concerns about your children’s teeth and their development we would recommend bringing them in for a consultation as soon as possible. In the absence of any issues we find that between 2 and 3 years old is a good time to introduce children to dental visits. With our experience we can make their first visit an enjoyable one, and make future visits something to look forward to.


What is the Child Dental Benefits Scheme?

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a program that provides eligible children and teenagers aged 2 to 17 with up to $1000, capped over two consecutive calendar years, for basic dental services.

Eligible families, teenagers and approved care organisations will receive a letter from the Australian Government to confirm eligibility.

If your child is eligible, all you need to do is call us to book an appointment. You can find more information about the Child Dental Benefits Schedule at:



What is HICAPS?

HICAPS allows for on the spot claiming from most health funds. After your appointment your health fund card is swiped through the HICAPS terminal by our reception staff. Once your claim is authorised, you simply pay the gap amount - the difference between the full fee for the treatment and the amount claimed from your health fund.


What payment options are available?

We accept Cash, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and EFTPOS payments.

We are also pleased to offer Afterpay, Openpay and Zip Pay.

We accept all major health funds, and are BUPA Members First, Medibank Members Choice, and HCF More For Teeth providers.


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