Tooth Sensitivity

Many people are familiar with the sharp sensitive sensation when eating or drinking cold foods. If not otherwise caused by decay, cracks, or a problem with an existing filling, the cause could be dentinal hypersensitivity. 

Dentine is the softer tooth structure underneath the outer layer of enamel. It can be exposed through gingival recession, or when the enamel is worn away through overly vigorous brushing, brushing with a stiff bristled brush, or eroded through frequent ingestion of acidic drinks like soft drinks or juices.

The sensitivity arises from exposed tubules in the dentine. Temperature and physical stimuli cause fluid movement in the tubules, triggering nerves in the pulp, resulting in the sharp sensitivity pain.

Tooth sensitivity can be managed through the use of sensitive toothpastes, and the application of fluoride and other remineralising agents. In the case of more significant wear, a tooth coloured composite resin restoration can be placed to cover and protect the exposed dentine.

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